Purpose of Non-Profit Organization

The Twistars Booster Club is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the sport of gymnastics and encourages expanded opportunities for a competitive gymnastics experience. The Booster Club includes all parents of competitive team members of Twistars USA.

Like our gymnasts and coaches, the Twistars Booster Club prides itself on producing the best effort possible. The Club offers opportunities for parents to develop and share leadership, time management and organizational skills through a variety of committees in a supportive environment. The Club is inclusive and welcomes input on all matters.

All Booster Club members participate on two committees: the Invitational and the Standing (year round) Committees. In this way, all members have a vested interest in helping each other help the Club provide the best experience for our team members.

Invitational Committees

Significant costs are associated with competitive gymnastics. To offset out of pocket costs, Twistars Booster Club and its members produce an annual Gymnastic Invitational that hosts more than 1500 gymnasts, the profits of which go directly towards offsetting the costs of our competitive team budget.   Under the theory that many hands make light work, the Booster Club divides committee work among all members, regardless of level. This ensures that newer members team up with our  seasoned veterans on the various committees, so as to learn the ropes and insure that our important events and organization in general are run efficiently year after year.  The Booster Club has also successfully hosted state, regional and national championships and provides a number of opportunities to help members defray costs including the Great Lakes Scrip Program.
There are several key committees that support the Invitational so whatever your passion or talent, there is a place for you. Some of the Invitational Committees include:

  • Registration
  • Coaches Party
  • Programs
  • Coach and Judge Dining Services
  • Awards
  • Set-Up/Tear-Down
  • Scoring
  • Decorations
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Admissions
  • Security
  • Publicity
  • Sponsorship

The gymnastics community is very satisfied with the level of service the Booster Club provides and the tireless effort put forth at each and every event.

Year Round (Standing) Committees


Booster Club members also serve on a number of standing committees that provide for the day-to-day operation of the Club in service to the members. These committees have a variety of activities that include:

  • Communication: Maintains the directory, emails, newsletters and bulletin boards
  • Special Events: Plans the Fall Mixer, Holiday Party, Photo Day and the Camping trip
  • Travel: Books all travel for the club including lodging and transportation and collects and records travel payments from members
  • Sponsorship: Develops corporate sponsorships leads
  • Fund Raising: Coordinates a variety of fundraising opportunities
  • Scrip: Assists members with scrip orders and deliveries
  • Web-site: Assists in preparing updated material for web-site
  • Finance: Assist in preparing annual budget, tax returns and bookkeeping
  • Gym Clean

These are just some of the standing committees. Each area provides a great way to be involved without being overwhelmed. Parents are usually in the same boat when it comes to available free time and no one likes to be the one “doing it all.”  A major goal of our committee structure is to spread the work load so at to create a team oriented atmosphere.

Leadership is an opportunity that allows you to grow as an individual and professionally. You may also serve as an elected Board member.  The Booster Club Board provides guidance and oversight of all Booster Club business.

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Board Members


President: Wade Cutler
[email protected]

Vice President: Carrie Hylek
[email protected]

Secretary: Michelle Renfrew
[email protected]

Treasurer: Melanie Snyder
[email protected]


Membership: Tanya Dean
[email protected]

Travel: Lisa Durvernay
[email protected]

Publicity/Sponsorship: Heather Cooper Kim
[email protected]

Special Events: Amy Croff
[email protected]

Fundraising: Daniel Ossa
[email protected]


General Information

Throughout the year, the fundraising committee will provide several fundraising opportunities.  Booster Club families may choose to participate in as many or as few as meets their individual needs.   Information on these opportunities will be posted on the Booster Club bulletin board, placed in the team members mail folders and sent out via email.

Scrip Cards

The Code to Sign Up for Great Lakes Scrip Online is –> 26EE4F7E1469

Meijer Community Rewards

To Sign-up: Twistars Club: #400353 Contact Persons: Fundraising Chairperson

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