The annual girls team trip is rapidly approaching. I know most of the assigned chaperons have been in contact with their groups but I thought it would be helpful to make sure everybody understands the logistics, procedures, rules and policies associated with team travel.


First of all we want to make sure that everyone is aware that the main purpose of the “team trip” is to do gymnastics. All aspects of the trip will revolve around preparing to do well in competition. In the process we plan on making this an enjoyable experience for all as it is events like this that serve as a reward for all the dedication put forth. This is not however a “vacation”.


Part of the reasoning behind traveling as a team is to create a great bonding experience for our athletes (and attending parents). It also serves as a great format for educating and mentoring the up and coming athletes as to how to prepare, eat, rest, cheer, like a Twistar team member.


The assigned chaperons are actually an extension of the coaching staff and responsible for making sure each group prepares properly while following the established rules. The benefit of some of the rules may be somewhat debatable but it is our stance that rules are rules whether you like them or not. Attending athletes are expected to represent themselves, and their club with dignity, manners and respect. Following rules is an important part of this requirement.





  • Curfews- 10PM the night prior to competition, 11PM if they have yet to compete and 12AM if their competition is over. A chaperon may always make the curfews earlier but may not make them later. Definition of curfew is lights out, in bed, going to sleep.
  • Buddy Rule- Chaperons will know where each member of the group is at all times. When out of the direct sight of the chaperon the “buddy rule” applies. An athlete may not stay in the room by themselves as this would violate the buddy rule.
  • Attitude- Positive, friendly, cooperative, honest, caring, sharing, helpful, courteous, and polite, are attributes that are appreciated and encouraged.
  • Phone Rule- In order the foster a better bonding experience we have found that leaving the cell phones with the chaperons or in the rooms is key. There will be established phone time (usually in the am prior to breakfast and the pm prior to bed). All parents should have the chaperons cell number should you need to contact your child for some emergency situation.
  • Attending parents- Please do not interfere with the chaperons duties. Too many cooks spoil the stew. You are more than welcome to join the groups for dinners but please arrange your own table (so that the groups only have to worry about seating for 7-8 people). We also ask that if you want to participate in an excursion please limit it to ONE (this makes things much easier to manage). If visiting the rooms, please keep your visits to 15 minutes or less and be sure to be out of the rooms at least 30 minutes prior to curfew (this allows plenty of time for the athletes to prepare for bed).
  • No males in the rooms – this includes siblings, dads, grandpa and visiting pets (just seeing if you are paying attention).
  • Nutritional Guidelines are in effect for the duration of the trip and includes travel to and from the airport. This seems as if it should go without saying but for clarity purposes we expect athletes to make good nutritional choices. When in doubt by all means use this as an educational opportunity (ask questions and learn what the best choice are). We do not expect kids to live on lettuce for the weekend but we also expect them to know the difference between proper nutrition and junk. Junk food, fried foods, heavy cream sauces, high fat content foods, pastry desserts, high sugar content drinks, caffeine loaded drinks, candy, ice cream, etc. are examples of what would be considered improper choices.
  • ONLY Fruits and/or vegetables in the rooms. This should be considered literally. Do not pack (sneak) other snacks in your luggage.
  • No picnic grazing areas- As a way to circumvent the Fruits and Veggie rules some parents have been known to set up a picnic grazing area in their rooms and invite the kids. This of course is quite disrespectful and certainly teaches the wrong lesson about rules.
  • Study Time- Those requiring significant study time should take advantage of every opportunity so as to not inconvenience the group. This would include getting up earlier than the group, using the airport time, airplane time, and all other breaks to the best of their ability. Athletes are not allowed to stay behind by themselves in the rooms for “study time” as they would not have proper supervision. Some groups may designate certain blocks of time as “study time” in which case all members of that groups should be considerate of those using the time for actual study purposes.
  • Team Support- All groups are asked to support at least one other team level. Where Twistars Apparel and Cheer loudly!


AIRPORT ARRIVAL- We usually use 90 minutes early as the time for arrival but due to the 5:55 flight time for this trip we are asking that all members meet their chaperons at the ticket check in 60 minutes prior to departure. NO LATER!


APPAREL- Travel outfits – (Black legging or Yoga pants, White “burn out” t shirt, Blue/black Pom Jersey sweatshirt), Team Rolly/Back Pack (pack all essentials and use as you carry on).


COMPETITION TIMES- Level 7, Check in 8:00 Saturday, Level 9 Check in 11:30 Saturday, Level 10 Check in 3:00 Saturday, Level 8 Check in 6:30 Saturday. Level 5 Check in 8 AM Sunday and Level 4 Check in 6:30 Sunday.


TRAINING TIMES- Groups will train normal days and normal hours prior to departure. There will be a reduced practice for those training on Wednesday due to the early flight time.

Looking forward to a great time in Nashville. This is a large meet with over 2500 athletes so the competition should be amazing. The trip will be a blast provided we can all keep the drama to a minimum. Roll with the flow… we have seen this movie before.

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