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At Twistars USA Gymnastics Club, we are proud to be a USAG National Team Training Center.

Twistars USA’s competitive team program has a long standing tradition of excellence. In fact the coaching staff at Twistars USA has been responsible for more State Championship teams over the past 26 years than ALL OTHER teams in the state of Michigan combined. This is an amazing accomplishment considering the fact that Michigan is home to some of the strongest gymnastics programs in the USA. This says plenty about the quality of the competitive team program at Twistars USA.

While winning isn’t everything, it is a bi-product of a passionate, knowledgeable and committed coaching staff with the depth of talent to produce results from the developmental levels all the way through national and international quality gymnastics. Results speak volumes about the backing from management and the organizational philosophy of an well thought out, efficient training program. Simply said, Twistars Rocks!

For further information on the competitive team program at Twistars USA check out our girls team handbook or boys team handbook, or email head coach John Geddert, or reach him at the Twitars USA office at (517) 322-0360.