It’s Time for Bravo 2016!


MAY 21 and May 22, 2016, Twistars at The Summit, Dimondale

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Lights! Camera! Action!

One time each year, Twistars USA Gymnastics hosts our annual Bravo Spring Recital. This year’s Bravo theme is “Road to Rio” and will be Saturday, May 21st, and Sunday May 22nd at our Twistars USA Gymnastics Summit location in Dimondale. With the approaching Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil the excitement will fill the air!

Bravo is a showcase performance where gymnasts have the chance to demonstrate what they’ve learned for their family and friends.

For our “Gym Stars” and “Pre-Team” members the event follows the format of a real gymnastics competition complete with actual judges.

“Gym Stars” are all students in the following classes:

    • Super Stars
    • Flip Stars
    • Fun Stars
    • Advanced Flip and Fun Stars
    • Star Boys 2
    • Comets (Girls and Boys)
    • Star Fires

All our “Tumble Stars” members (our younger students) will perform skills at pre-designed stations in order to impress the audience.

“Tumble Stars” are all students in the following classes:

    • Twinkle Stars
    • Shining Stars
    • Shooting Stars
    • Fire Stars
    • Rising Stars
    • Star Boys 1

Gymnasts receive colored ribbon awards for each event in the performance, a certificate of accomplishment and an impressive medal specially designed for this event. The event is decorated to match the theme and even our coaches dress up in costume to add to the atmosphere. Bravo is an exciting time for our students, but many parents of new gymnasts are understandably curious about what all the excitement is about. This letter should help answer all of your questions.

While Bravo is completely optional, we highly recommend that all gymnastics students participate! This is a magical time that you do not want to miss. It is the culmination of their months of hard work, and a chance for these future “Olympians” to showcase all the things they’ve learned throughout the year! Some incredible memories can be made while living the Bravo Olympic Dream! This is their time to shine in front of friends and family and is truly an exciting time for all participants.

Important dates for this year’s recital are as follows:

Registration Opens – Friday, March 18, 2016

Deadline for Registration, Bravo Leotard and Boys Uniform Orders – April 20th, 2016

We may have a small selection of leotards and boys uniforms available in various sizes in the office after the deadline order date. These will be available on a first come, first served basis. Please be sure to pre-order by April 20th to guarantee your gymnast’s size and availability. In past years, 95% of the participating gymnasts have order the event leotard/uniform so as to fully enjoy the experience.

Deadline for Late Registration – May 1st, 2016

No registrations will be accepted after May 1st.

Bravo Dates
Bravo Sessions 1, 2, 3 – Saturday, May 21st at
Bravo Sessions 1,2,3 and Pre-Team – Sunday, May 22nd

Session Times
Session 1: Check In 1:15 Awards 3:20 (Saturday and Sunday)
Twinkle Stars, Shining Stars, Shooting Stars, Rising Stars and Fire Stars

Session 2: Check In 3:00 Awards 5:15 (Saturday and Sunday)
Star Boys 1, Super Stars, Flip Stars, Fun Stars, Flip & Fun Stars, Home School

Session 3: Check In 5:00 Awards 7:25- (Saturday and Sunday)
Boys/Girls Comets, Star Boy 2, Starfires, Advanced Flip and Fun Stars

Pre Team: Check In 10:00 AM, Awards 12:20 (Sunday Only)

Please note that we will not offer our birthday parties or open gym on Saturday, May 21st or Sunday, May 22nd. Recreational classes will run as scheduled on Saturday. The Flip & Fun Star class will not run on Sunday, May 22nd. Gymnasts registered for this class will have the option of scheduling a make-up class or receiving an Open Gym pass.
Because of our large enrollment, Bravo is held on both Saturday and Sunday. Each gymnast will have an opportunity to perform on either Saturday, Sunday or Both Days for same one-time registration fee. You will be asked to choose your performance day(s) when you register. The price remains the same regardless of which of the 3 options you choose. Each class level has already been assigned a recital time on both Saturday and Sunday (see above) and you can also find that information at both Twistars offices (Summit and Clark Corners) as well as on our website.

Costs and Registration Commitment for our Annual Bravo Recital

Registration is $35. Sibling registration is $30. Each registration package includes 2 tickets to the event, a gymnastics medal for your gymnast and a personalized certificate complete with participation ribbons for each event. In addition, we recommend adding the official Bravo themed leotard for girls or the boys uniform to your Bravo registration package. The leotard is available for $45 (plus tax) and the boys’ uniform, consisting of shorts and a Bravo themed T-shirt, is available for $25 (plus tax.)


Recitals would not be the same without themed attire. Every child enjoys dressing up and participating in the annual theme. Many gymnasts are often spotted proudly wearing their Bravo attire for years following the event. Our office team and the coaches have been choosing music, designing the girls’ leotard & boys uniform, working on routines, and planning decorations for several months so as to make this a very special event for our students. Be sure to order your Bravo leotard or boys uniform by April 20th to guarantee your size and availability.

Learning the Routines:

The gymnasts will be performing the official USA Gymnastics Level 1 and Level 2 routines, or skill level appropriate variations of those routines. The kids will learn and practice their routines during their regular class times. There are no mandatory additional practices or rehearsals scheduled.

Additional practice time (optional):

The gymnasts will have the option of participating in extra Bravo practices … your coach will let you know when these are happening. In addition, we encourage all Bravo participants to use Open Gym to practice on your own. There will be coaches in the gym during Open Gym times who can help with skills and routines as time permits.


Families receive 2 complimentary tickets (per registered child) with their Bravo registration, which can be used at one performance of your choice. Tickets included in the Bravo registration package can be used both at one show, or one at each show. Additional tickets can be purchased online and in the Twistars office through May 20th OR at the door. Ticket prices are shown below. Purchased tickets are valid for one performance. Tickets are general admission and anyone over the age of 3 will need a ticket.

Purchase Tickets Here:

(or tickets can be purchased along with your initial registration)

  • Regular: $10/ticket (Adults and children age 13+)
  • Seniors: $5/ticket (ages 55+)
  • Children: $5/ticket (ages 3-12)

Tickets can also be purchase at the door (at The Summit) on the day of the event at the following prices:

  • Regular: $12/ticket (Adults and children age 13+)
  • Seniors: $7/ticket (ages 55+)
  • Children: $5/ticket (ages 3-12)

Ticket Delivery:

Tickets can be purchased online or in the Twistars office through May 20th. They can be purchased at the door at The Summit location on both days of the performance. The ticket delivery/pickup method will be provided in an email in April or May.

Awards Ceremony:

Each gymnast will participate in a very special awards ceremony immediately following the performance. The ceremony is an exciting chance for every gymnast to receive their medal and take their place on the decorated awards podium. The Awards ceremonies will take place on the Mezzanine of the Summit immediately following the performance. Coaches will escort the gymnasts to the awards ceremony.

Additional items:

such as flowers, plush animals, balloons, and Bravo T-shirts, are available for purchase separately. Some of these items will be available for pre-ordering online. Watch your email and our website for details or check with the Twistars office at The Summit:
Phone (517) 322-0360

Email: [email protected].
Performance Etiquette– We appreciate your cooperation in helping us run a smooth and enjoyable show! Following these basic and common sense guidelines will ensure a successful show. Remember the less distraction the better.

  • No food or drinksallowed in the gym.
  • Please turn off cell phonesand other electronic devices, and please do not text message during performances. Extra sounds and lights are very distracting.
  • Be considerate of the people around you. Do not put your feet on the seats in front of you, or run up and down the isles.
  • Gymnasts and attending guests are not permitted on the rock wall or gymnastics equipment at any time other than during their performances.

Child Drop Off and Pick Up

All performers will check-in with their parent upstairs at the Summit in the Twistars glass office prior to the show starting. Gymnasts should check-in at their assigned check-in time. The check-in times will be provided on the schedule you receive and also posted on our website on the Bravo information page. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your check-in time. After you check in, your gymnast will receive the group letter they are assigned to. Parents will need to escort your gymnast to the staging area for that group letter and check-in with the assigned coach. Look for the group letters on the windows. Once the coach has arrived at your group’s staging area, they will take responsibility for your child and parents may be seated for the performance. Coaches will escort your child to the performance as well as help them with their routines during the performance. For the safety of your child(ren) we enforce this check in policy which is strictly followed. Do not leave your child unattended if you have not checked in with your assigned coach. When you check your child(ren) in the Twistars Summit office we will write your child’s group letter on your child(s) hand in black marker.


Once the awards ceremony has concluded, your child is free to go and will no longer be under the direction of a coach or chaperone. To reduce the commotion at the awards ceremony, please have your child stay until the ceremony is completed.

Bravo T-Shirts

Show your support for Bravo! Bravo T-shirts are available to pre-order for all friends, family and fans. These are the same design that the boys will use for their Bravo uniform. Limited sizes and quantities may be available for purchase during the event while supplies last. Pre-order online at

Register for Bravo online today.

Thank you again for joining our Twistars family this year – we’re excited for all that is coming!
~ John & Kathryn Geddert


Register Now for Bravo at Twistars Gymnastics

Download this document as a PDF file for printing.

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