2014 Bravo “Arabian Nights”

Sign Up Today for Twistars Recreational 2014 Bravo “Arabian Nights”
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Lights, Camera, Action! It’s Showtime!

MAY 17 & 18, 2014

The Bravo Spring Recital is now in production and Starring Your Child!

“BRAVO ARABIAN NIGHTS” will take place on May 17 & 18, 2014.

Claim your child’s spot in the show today before the spotlight goes out on another exciting Bravo Production.

Online Registration is Now Open for 2014!


Registration & Apparel Information

  • Registration fee for first gymnast: $30
  • Registration fee for 2nd and each subsequent sibling: $25
  • Leotards are optional but recommended: $45 + tax
  • Boys costume: $20 + tax
  • Additional tee-shirts:  $10 + tax
  • Tickets:  $10 adults, $5 kids, $5 seniors

Included With Your Bravo Registration Fee

  • 2 FREE adult tickets to one performance
  • Performances on Saturday, Sunday or BOTH
  • Personalized certificate for your child
  • Ribbons awarded at each judged event
  • Custom Medal presented at awards ceremony
  • Sample Leo Image Below (scroll down…)

Register Now!


genie leo front and back

Bravo Banner

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