Monthly tuition is due the 1st of every month.


Families with more than one child participating currently in our team program will receive a 10% discount off the cost of each child’s tuition.   Families with more than one child participating currently in our recreation program will receive a 10% discount off the cost of each child’s tuition.  Families with children participating in both our team and recreational program concurrently will receive a 10% discount on the team tuition for the first month of each recreational term.


Tuition for team and pre-team members is considered late as of the 8th of each month and will be assessed a late payment fee of $10.00


After the 15th of each month, any unpaid team or pre-team tuition will be assessed a 1.5% interest charge.


Twistars USA Gymnastics Club does not offer refunds for any reason nor do we pro-rate for missed training sessions.  Monthly tuition is determined by considering the cost of the total program and not a per hour charge.


Pre-Team and Team members are charged an annual membership fee in the amount of $105.00 (*subject to change).  This charge helps offset the cost of administration, sports medicine, coaches planning time and training, phone, copying, team equipment purchases, cleaning, etc.

Recreational Students are charged an annual membership free in the amount of $30.  The annual fee renews each September.


For Team and Pre-Team members, Twistars USA Gymnastics Club requires an “IN WRITING” one-month notice should your child decide to retire from our program.  Because of the cost of supporting a competitive team member and the commitment we have extended to our coaching staff, it must be understood that it is your responsibility to notify the owners of the club 30 days prior to your child leaving the gym.  During that month of notice your child is welcome to train in the gym.  We have often found that during this period of notice gymnast, together with our coaching staff, are able to find a resolution to their concerns.  If you child leaves our program without the required 30 day notice, you will be required to pay for 30 days tuition, any travel, pro shop or other expenses currently on your account.  Failure to provide payment in lieu of notice is considered a serious breech of contract with Twistars USA Gymnastic Club.

For recreational students, you are continuously enrolled in classes.  If you wish to discontinue recreational classes, a “drop request form” is required to be submitted to the office.


Although we encourage families to vacation together, it is our policy that competitive team members consider training at Twistars USA to be a year-around commitment.  Your commitment to a 12-month training cycle insures consistency in coaching and greater progress towards achieving goals.


Twistars USA team members are allowed to make up training sessions on a pre-approved basis.  Approval will only be given when space is available in another training group.  Make-ups must be cleared through the individual coach first.

Recreational Class Make-ups can be scheduled with the office staff within the current term.  Make-ups are based on class availability and a make up class can be scheduled at either of our two locations regardless of where your are registered for class.


Keeping our facility looking it’s best is a never-ending process.  Twistars USA has secured adequate cleaning services, but given the scope of the task, it becomes necessary to require daily assistance from staff and team members.  We request that each and every gymnasts make a conscientious effort to be responsible for his or her own clean up as well as helping out with a daily “power clean”.  Team coaches will organize this “power clean” at the end of each practice.  This entails picking up trash, drinking cups, straightening mats, stacking spotting blocks, picking up weights, etc.  Chalk misuse and drink spills seem to be the most common problem in keeping our facility clean.  We ask that staff monitor the use of chalk and that all drinks be kept in SPILL PROOF containers.


TEAM, PRE-TEAM AND COMETS:  Each team member will be assigned personal mailbox located near the entrance to the gym.  This is the system we will use to communicate day to day as well as important upcoming event information to you.  Parents should check their mailboxes daily BEFORE practice.  Mailboxes will be used for Booster Club information as well. We suggest that you clean out your mailbox on a regular schedule.  In addition to the mailboxes, we have a convenient e-mail system for communications purposes.  This is operated and maintained by the Booster Club. As good as our mailbox system it, our online opt in system is better. Team members are required to opt in on our members only tab of our TwistarsUSA.com website. Doing this insures that all Inc. and Booster Club communications will be sent directly to your email.


Twistars USA team members are expected to not only act, but look respectable when representing our team.  While in the gym team members should dress in a leotard.  No shorts or sweats while in training.  When you are called on to represent the club at a meet or while traveling with the club, your respective coach will determine the attire for that situation.  Please remember that your demeanor, grooming and attitude represent the name TWISTARS USA, and a high standard of behavior is expected of you.


TEAM (This does not apply to Pre-Team):  Twistars USA plays host to a very successful summer gymnastics camp each June. We strategically schedule this camp during this month as June is a month with many family outings, year end school activities, and serves as a winding down period from the competitive season. With this being said the last 2 weeks of June are earmarked for our 2 or 3 sessions of Summer Training Camp. As a member in good standing with our booster club, you will have one session of camp paid for. Members can opt to pay for an additional session OR simply take a break from gymnastics during that time. Since our tuition is based on a total program cost for the year, June tuition remains normal. On a related note, 30 day notice of departures given during the month of June void the Free camp session opportunity as we want to reserve our camp places for athletes who want to excel in the sport of gymnastics.


It is assumed that all outstanding financial obligations associated with Twistars Inc and or Twistars Booster Club will be handled in a professional and prompt manner. Obligations extend through the 30 day notice period for Team in regards to Tuition to Twistars Inc. and financial commitment payments to Twistars Boosters. In addition any meet registrations, camp fees or airline tickets purchased, yet unused and non refundable due to departure, must be reimbursed in full to the Boosters Club. These considerations should weigh in heavily when accepting team obligations and or considering mid season departures.


Once an athlete has attained the status of Level 10, there has been significant time and effort invested into their gymnastics. For this reason we transition from a 30 day notice to a full one year notice of departure (kind of like joining most health clubs). IF an athlete retires from the sport, this commitment will be waived, thus it only applies should they decide to take our years of training and contributions to another gymnastics club within the state of Michigan.